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American Roulette


The roulette game, as we know it today, appeared in 1796. This is a classic casino game, very popular, which has managed to keep its basic rules almost unchanged. There are some variants of roulette, but all follow rules similar to very small differences. The game consists of roulette and play table. Roulette is where the winning number is drawn. The objective of the game is to guess the number of roulette chosen or the group to which it belongs. The roulette contains 37 slots numbered from 1 to 36 and a 0, plus double 00 in the case of American roulette.

Game and Rules

Before you sit at the table, you have to choose the color of the chips to be used in that session. You can then easily choose the value of the chips used for betting and you can vary the number of chips placed at a given point in a particular betting area.
For beginners, betting on roulette can create confusion, with so many different betting options. In fact, betting rules are simple and can be summarized as follows:

  • You can bet on any number or combination of numbers using the inside or outside section. Note that each outward bet must have at least the table minimum. The same rule applies to the total bet bet. Also, remember that they are independent of each other in terms of the minimum to the table.

  • In the case of winning bets, the amount initially billed is returned to your account, plus the prize received based on the bet amount and the payment rates. The amount bet on unsuccessful numbers will be lost.

    Types of bets

    In order to win casino roulette games it is important to know what kind of bets are there. As I told you, there are several types and their understanding will help you later when we present your roulette strategies.

  • Straight bet is made on a unique number. The chip is placed above the number.
  • Split bet can be made on two adjacent numbers. In this case, the face is placed on the line separating the three numbers.
  • The bet is obviously made up of 3 numbers, but they must be on a horizontal line. In this case, the chip is placed at the beginning of the row.
  • Corner bet is made on 4 adjacent numbers. In this case the face is placed in the middle of the 4 numbers.
  • The six-line bet is placed on two rows of adjacent numbers.
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