Platinum Casino

At Platinum Casino you will
be able to enjoy a luxurious experience.


Platinum Casino Bucharest offers a wide variety of slots. At the ground of the casino, you will be able to find a great hall that hosts a wide range of slot machines. More than 80 games, classic and new, and 2 electronic roulettes providing you with the chance to play, win and have some fun.

Don’t hesitate! – You have so many games at your disposal just for your fun, as well as providing a chance to win a prize!



A whole variety of the most attractive and popular game machines, already famous in Romania and abroad. More than 159 Slot Machines and Touch Bet Roulettes that are waiting to entertain you. Playing them is literally as easy as pressing a button. But with the experience of an electrifying journey.


The most luxury and finest electronic table games that is globally recognized for its diamond-quality gaming solutions are awaiting you here. For those of you with exotic tastes we have the most amazing selection of innovative game machines. Well – made exciting games with fantasy flavours designed with high quality premium appearance.