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Caribbean Stud Poker


Caribbean Stud Poker is a very popular card game played in most casinos in which the players bet againts the house. Craibbean poker is a poker game where the jackpots are progresive. The point of the game is to have the bigger hand. Caribbean Poker is played by 3 or up to 5 players at a table with only one deck of cards.

How to play

The game begins when all players place their bets in the ante circle. After the starting bets are palced the players will not be able to modifiy the sum they have betted, an exception to this rule can only occur in games where the players are allowed to double the amount of the ante. After all the bets are placed the players will receive 2 cards facing up, the dealer will also pull 2 cards with the exception that one of the cards will be facing up and the other will be facing down. There some blackjack version such as Blackjack Double Exposure where both cards of the dealer are facing up.

The player will receive 5 cards each after which they must decide if they want play against the dealer or not by either call while they hold a good hand or fold if their hand is bad. The game starts with the first round where bets are placed. All player that placed a bet, as well as the dealer, will receive 5 cards that are facing down.

After all the cards are dealt, the dealer will show one of it’s cards to the players, revealing a small part of it’s hand. The players have 2 options:

  • To pay – They have to place on the table double the sum of the initial bet.
  • To fold – In this case the player will give up the bet placed before they received the cards or they can trow in the hand they received.
  • If the players decide to pay and play against the dealer, all cards are fliped to face upwards after which the player’s and the dealer’s hands enter a showdown. For a player to win, the dealer’s hand must be ace-king or better.

    Once the cards face up, 3 situations can take place:

  • The dealer’s hand does not qualify – the initial bet of the player is payed 1:1.
  • The dealer’s hand does qualify to the requierments and is better than the player’s hand – the player loses both the initial bet the player payed and the bet placed after the initial bet.
  • The dealer’s hand does qualify to the requierments and is worse than the player’s hand – the player’s initial bet is payed 1:1, but the bet placed after the initial bet is payd by the following parameters::
  • 1. 1:1 for a pair or a high card;
    2. 2:1 for two pairs;
    3. 3:1 for tree of a kind;
    4. 4:1 for straight;
    5. 5:1 for flush;
    6. 7:1 for full house;
    7. 20:1 for four of a kind;
    8. 50:1 for a straight flush;
    9. 100:1 for a royal flush;


    There are few things that need to be known when it comes to a proper strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker. An optimal move is to pay whenever you have a pair in hand or fold whenever you have something below ace-king hand. Since this Caribbean Stud Poker strategy is so simple, it can help reduce the house advantage and increase the chance for the player to win by a significatly large margin. To profit from a hand like ace-king, the player needs to know how to use it. Remember, the chance to get a good hand are very slim in Caribbean Stud Poker, both for the players and the house. Therefor you shouldn’t be afraind to play what can be considered low hands like pairs or two pairs. Most of the time the players get nothing worth the while, maybe a pair if they get lucky, that being said. Although, whenever you get some arguably good cards, putting them to good use may yield quite a profit. Two pairs and three of a kind are very common, but may not prove as usefull, at least it should not make you too concerned about what the dealer might have in hand. Another situation a player might encounter and should be prepare for in Caribbean Stud Poker is that the hand of the dealer may not qualify to participate which does happen rather often.